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It’s nice to have friends.

Fernando Cruz

Director of Marketing @ Legacy Research

"Will is a really smart copywriter and a results producer."

Jay Livingston

Former Executive Director @ Wall Street Daily

“Will Green is, hands down, one of the sharpest marketing and copywriting minds I know. I've hired and trained countless marketers and copywriters over the years. I can honestly say, he's among the very best. If you don't hire him, I will.”

Teresa Bruce

Author & Former VP of Broadcast @ Ogilvy & Mather

“Hey Will,
I just wanted to tell you I followed your advice and got in the New York Times.

Robert Allen

Founder @ Robert Allen Inc

“I now think of my career in two phases: Before working with Will, I was making $45,000 per year and unsure how to grow. And after working with him, I make what I used to make in a year in 3 months. So when he says he can show you how to 2x, 3x or even 4x your results, he ain't kidding”

Jay Cross

Senior Copywriter @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

“Will is the best manager I've had in a 12+ year career. I've never worked with someone who was as focused on my happiness as he is on my productivity and the needs of the business. Will isn't just great at identifying what I must do to improve, but firing me up to WANT to do that stuff. I leave each conversation with him feeling genuinely motivated to do my best work. Hope to work together for a long time.”

Melissa Guller

Senior Launch Manager @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

“Will is the most insightful and effective marketer I’ve ever worked with. He has an innate understanding of human persuasion, and he expertly communicates that understanding through successful, innovative strategies. He is widely respected as both marketer and team-builder. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”


Sometimes I sell stuff.

Call to Action Launch

209.18% of revenue goal

The Crisis Campaign

Over $3.4 Million in 6 days

The Book Promo

Turns 4% of Facebook leads into $2K sale

The Eifrig Method

Over $13 million in gross sales to date

Brain Trust Promo

Doubled conversions with 1 email

The Airhorn

30,000 new customer in 1.5 months

Work History

Because I wasn't born yesterday.

  • December 2011-December2013

    Director of Marketing & Platform Development @Joggling Board Press

    ● Designed Joggling Board Press website and author websites.
    ● Created marketing strategy and jacket copy for JBP titles.
    ● Got authors featured in New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus Reviews Charlotte Observer, and Post and Courier.
    ● Acted as secondary editor for JBP titles.
    ● Implemented cloud based submissions management system that saved 4-7 hours a week of manual labor.
    ● Managed team of freelance graphic designers, proof readers, and publicists.
    ● Taught writing workshop at the 2013 South Carolina Book festival.

  • December 2013-August 2015

    Marketing Copywriter @Stansberry Research

    • Reworked leads of existing controls to increase conversion rates.
    • Created cloud based workflow management for Marketing Copy Team.
    • Wrote copy responsible for over $12 million in sales in Q3-Q4 2014.
    • Worked with editorial department to increase editorial cross-sell and up-sell rates.
    • Implemented cart abandonment campaigns for all customer acquisition efforts converting an average of 12% of cart abandons into new-to-file sales.

  • August 2015-May 2016

    Senior Copywriter @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    ● Doubled revenue projections for Call to Action.
    ● Ran largest webinar in company history with over 43,000 registrants - of whom 11,327 were new leads.
    ● Created mentorship program for younger copywriters.
    ● Changed salesflow for webinars, increasing webinar conversion rate by 114%.
    ● Rewrote Point-of-Purchase upsell sequence to increase average order value of Zero to Launch by 6%.

  • May 2016-Present

    Copy Chief @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    ● Created new copywriting process that reduced time CEO spent on copy by 85%.
    ● Oversaw the automation of Cart Abandonment Campaign and Waitlist Campaign for all flagship products.
    ● Expanded the Evergreen Funnel for new leads from 3 weeks to 6 months.
    ● Grew copywriting team from 3 full time writers to 5.
    ● Assumed responsibility for final approval on funnel copy and launch strategy.
    ● Launched Ramit's new book, Your Move, to the #1 spot in the Amazon nonfiction and the top 100 books on Amazon.