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It’s nice to have friends.

Fernando Cruz

Director of Marketing @ Legacy Research

"Will is a really smart copywriter and a results producer."

Jay Livingston

Former Executive Director @ Wall Street Daily

“Will Green is, hands down, one of the sharpest marketing and copywriting minds I know. I've hired and trained countless marketers and copywriters over the years. I can honestly say, he's among the very best. If you don't hire him, I will.”

Teresa Bruce

Author & Former VP of Broadcast @ Ogilvy & Mather

“Hey Will,
I just wanted to tell you I followed your advice and got in the New York Times.

Devon Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer @ Farnam Street Media

"The internet is flooded with marketers promising buckets of cash if you hire them. I've only met one that has consistently delivered. You're not only a fool if you pass up on Will, you're a damned fool.'

Jay Cross

Founder and CEO @ DIY Degree

“Will doubled my conversion rate and upped my average order value by 50% in less than a day. 10 months later it hasn't gone back down.”

Melissa Guller

Chief of Staff @ Teachable

“Will is the most insightful and effective marketer I’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”


Sometimes I sell stuff.

Call to Action Launch

209.18% of revenue goal

The Crisis Campaign

Over $3.4 Million in 6 days

The Book Promo

Turns 4% of Facebook leads into $2K sale

The Eifrig Method

Over $13 million in gross sales to date

Brain Trust Promo

Doubled conversions with 1 email

The Airhorn

30,000 new customer in 1.5 months

Work History

Because I wasn't born yesterday.

  • December 2011-December2013

    Director of Marketing & Platform Development @Joggling Board Press

    ● Designed Joggling Board Press website and author websites.
    ● Created marketing strategy and jacket copy for JBP titles.
    ● Got authors featured in New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus Reviews Charlotte Observer, and Post and Courier.
    ● Acted as secondary editor for JBP titles.
    ● Implemented cloud based submissions management system that saved 4-7 hours a week of manual labor.
    ● Managed team of freelance graphic designers, proof readers, and publicists.
    ● Taught writing workshop at the 2013 South Carolina Book festival.

  • December 2013-August 2015

    Marketing Copywriter @Stansberry Research

    • Reworked leads of existing controls to increase conversion rates.
    • Created cloud based workflow management for Marketing Copy Team.
    • Wrote copy responsible for over $12 million in sales in Q3-Q4 2014.
    • Worked with editorial department to increase editorial cross-sell and up-sell rates.
    • Implemented cart abandonment campaigns for all customer acquisition efforts converting an average of 12% of cart abandons into new-to-file sales.

  • August 2015-May 2016

    Senior Copywriter @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    ● Doubled revenue projections for Call to Action.
    ● Ran largest webinar in company history with over 43,000 registrants - of whom 11,327 were new leads.
    ● Created mentorship program for younger copywriters.
    ● Changed salesflow for webinars, increasing webinar conversion rate by 114%.
    ● Rewrote Point-of-Purchase upsell sequence to increase average order value of Zero to Launch by 6%.

  • May 2016-Present

    Copy Chief @ I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    ● Created new copywriting process that reduced time CEO spent on copy by 85%.
    ● Oversaw the automation of Cart Abandonment Campaign and Waitlist Campaign for all flagship products.
    ● Expanded the Evergreen Funnel for new leads from 3 weeks to 6 months.
    ● Grew copywriting team from 3 full time writers to 5.
    ● Assumed responsibility for final approval on funnel copy and launch strategy.
    ● Launched Ramit's new book, Your Move, to the #1 spot in the Amazon nonfiction and the top 100 books on Amazon.